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Go slow, go sure
Sometimes the best path
Go slow, go sure
Is the slow and watchful.
Go slow, go sure

Sometimes in the planning of strategy, for your life, brands and other enterprises, striking out the mapping of the path — moving forward: slow down and study the surroundings as you move forward.

Pay close attention to the movement, by: market landscape changes as you move. And the strategy should be a feeling watchfulness.

Go slow, go sure

Driving, the country roads of old Kauai, I found this old, weather-beaten sign board (“SLOW“). Watching it, studying the character of the sign, the lettering, (“TRY SLOW”) I almost drove off the road, down the hillside.

Go slow, go sure

Looking at the road, I’d missed the point — the wisest map of route might be simply paying closer attention to the movement itself. Go forward and watch, embrace what happens in the stride itself — which is you.

Go slow, go sure

The brand is at the center — you, walking forward — look out, your own sentinel, looking out, surveilling the evolutions of what is happening in the grace of transition.

Go slow, go sure

Sometimes, working on maps and planning — one month, two — a year, there is no accounting, no reckoning, of landscape. Just barreling. Go slow, you see more.

Go slow, go sure

Visioning evolves. The stride is tuned, keep moving.
Like the classical navigator, shifts in weather and surging tides will prevent staying on the planned route. Move on.

Go slow, go sure

Till the end, which might be just the beginning of the next routing.

Go slow, go sure
Go: instinctive — watchful feelingness.
Discoveries will emerge in your sentience.

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