Going Deeper
Spelunking Brands

There is a patterning that one can see in caves, the geolocational strata, stones, layers, sediments, ice, water, rivers and concretions — as an explorer of caves, it’s kind of like mountaineering inside mountains — interior alpinism,
as in the adaptation to the vertical environment,
but in the dark.

As an outsider — strategist or designer, you’re working on understanding
the challenges of a business
and its structure,
messaging and storytelling,
skins and UX,
forms and surfaces,
UI and navigational strategies —
and its symbolism.

The symbolism of a brand?

The very word brand is symbolic and metaphoric – brand as fire, flame as inspiration, kindling as product empowerment, sparks as human energization, they all come together in the investigation of the layering of archetypes of brands — brands reach back into human consciousness, since they originate in the inventiveness of the human perspectives — it’s human inspiration that builds products, and it’s the alignments of those sensitivities that makes people connect.

A brand story
goes there.

An archetypal underpinning
goes deeper.

If you’re exploring a brand as a strategist,
it’s not a matter of a skyped review,
a phone call — a talk-through;
it’s not an inspection from afar.

It is sensical,
it needs to be
Going Deeper
Pardon the allegory:
as a spelunker, brand journeyer
you approach the mountain of a brand and its denizens, through the forested journey to the opening — and then you’re in. And you go in, and down, and through. That’s not a screen journey, it’s not a phone call, it’s not
a paper file study or
a PowerPoint.

Go further.
And so will the brand.

Go deeper.

Going Deeper

Of course, this
of thinking
applies to
t h i n g.


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