Loving the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

I’ve written about that idea of the human brand, which I might more effectively relate to the notion of the “human torch” — a fiery inspiration. Going back, thousands of years, into the mists of proto-history, the concept of brand and fire, spark and imagining, flame in glint and waved banner of fired standard is at the heart of brand, and brandish. And how there are phases in that accomplishment, the embrace of person in community — that reflective factor. People get it, they embrace the story, or they do not.

Human brands, like other brands, go up, and go down. They are connected, loved, happily linked to friends and family, or they are discarded, abused and downtrodden. People forget about them. The person. The brand. The relationship, falling from memory, drifts to the smoke of forgetfulness. And it’s right, just that: forget fullness. It, the brand presence, becomes merely the shell of recollection; if, ever, there is a recalling of the telling — a “collecting’. That ancient word collect, from the Latin collectus, pp. of colligere “gather together,” from com- “together” + legere “to gather.”

And in this manner, it is about the potential of what was had, and what was lost. And any brand, human or otherwise, lives there. Staying relevant, but surely, more importantly, resonant in love.

That’s what the business is. Love. Brand. Humans. That, in fact, is where True Brands live — love + humans.

We loved Michael Jackson. He changed, in resonance — a peculiar, slinky resilience — coming in, coming out, fighting to find yet again his true heart. And then, finally, just on the edge of his transformative renewal, he vanished, as strangely symbolically as ever.

Good bye, MJ. and thank you for the strange mystery, the musical madness and magic of you — that you brought to the world. Surely, in recollection, it will be never forgotten, those days, that beat.

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