The Transformers trailer virus, Paramount sown…

Unknown JJ Abrams trailer

The point is, really — is this supposed to be a comedy, or is it a new spin on apocalyptic horror — Friends style? Another bust ’em, action thriller — end of the world transformed? Jericho, rebooted?

JJ Abrams seems to live around the edges of something (completely) different, to the mind set of conventional story structure — I’d written about my experiences with him — one, to M:i:III, did that Mission: Impossible: III — and two, the concepts of Star Trek (now). Can’t talk about that, but it was fun. That was then, this is now.

But what I find in these connections — with JJ Abrams — is just such a different spin. He keeps going back, in my mind, to the mystery box — the box that JJ pointed out as a conceptual inspiration at TED, when I first met him, talked to him. The box is unopened — it’s on one level, then another, then another — the mystery is layered, successively revealing. Then you go in…

But what’s this? Where are we going, what’s the story to be held? Hand held Godzilla? Party apocalypto? Whatever it is, I’m liking it. Shouldn’t the end of the world be a party?

Then there’s this, now, live at Paramount Studio’s master site. What’s the difference? 11808

Something to do with flying objects, as opposed to striding ones…