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Monday, May 7, 2007
Inspirational People – Bridget de Socio

One thing you can say about working at Saatchi & Saatchi is that it is never dull and it’s mostly fun. And the greatest fun is getting to meet a wide range of inspirational people. Some of them are creatives, some of them are clients and all of them are people who light up a room with their energy and optimism. As I meet them so will you, so let me tell you about Bridget de Socio.

Bridget is one of a kind and a brilliant aesthete. She comes dressed in a black Cossack hat, black leather skirt, black Chanel horn rim glasses, and high black boots. While she was the creative director of Paper, they created a unique look and feel, and she has also done outstanding work for Vera Wang, Pantone and Rizzoli. Graphis even celebrated her work in the book Exhibition: The Work of Socio X. Now she can be found on the 17th floor of Saatchi & Saatchi in New York where she has developed the look and style and flair of our JCPenney work. Bridget has also worked up a whole new name and look for our biometrics client Pay by Touch. Bridget’s approach is nothing less than challenging, but her innate ability to bring Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy to life makes the process worthwhile.

What’s with that, those words?


Kevin Roberts, really, what do you mean?

And what is your meaning?

I’d suggest that: mean, meaning and mind, are aligned — but I’ve got questions for you.


Bridget de Socio.


I had a chance to meet Bridget. And I’m not sure precisely how that happened, one electric rapture, that momentary sight, site.

But I do wonder about this — what, to mystery, to sensuality, intimacy?

Why are you using words like that?

Kevin, these are words that work at the heart of the space of the psychic, and your psyche — which you refer to the “one from the heart”. Whose heart are you talking about, Kevin Roberts?

Mystery — the closed lips of the initiate, mystesparticipant in the mysterium?
Sensuality — to go, travel to that place: perceiving, sensing: feel.
Intimation — intimacy, the revealing? What, shown, Kevin?

You’re dropping these words — they are potent words to let loose. Words, etymon — the true names of things are laden with power, I’m thinking…

Like Death, Luxury (Lust) and Sex.

I mean, in thinking about the content of these deep wellsprings of humankind, those archetypal psychic places, I think about that, being taken back to something. That is relating — that’s relationship. It’s the referral of being taken back someplace. A memoryspace. A palace of re-minding. And being with Bridget, I was taken back to something. Not sure where that smokey incensed fragrance might be. But it’s there.

We’ll see what fire comes of that — the smoke shown first.

Tim Girvin

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