A LOT of us write about the concepts of emotion in the context of the work that we do. We’d like to think that we know something about it. How you reach in there, capture that — illustrate some sensate connection by virtue of text, imagery. But what about tools that are not hypothetical, but reach to the worldstream of emotions — people writing intimately about themselves — capturing their sentiments and expressing them, in a conglomerate visualization. Like, what are people thinking about love, right now — in their blogs and journals, worldwide.

You can see this at www.number27.org, this is the site work and development page of someone who seems to think — surely visually — in a manner that relates to how I personally envision things. That is, I tend to think in layers, that keep going deeper and deeper. So you look at something on one level, but there’s a lot more to explore, layering down and down and down.

Or, in other ways. Like storyboarding strings of imagery, that are connected, yet disconnected.

He’s also explored a kind of starfield mythology — also an online clustering: Universe. Or a Time Capsule projected on rock cliffs. Or Yahoo! tools.

Here are some examples.








Very cool. Check it out. Wefeelfine is quite unbelievable.

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