To be involved with Lev Leviev is, at least for many that are attached to him, a challenge — a mystery. I’ve worked with two friends, several clients, who’ve mentioned that they’ve only seen him a couple of times. And that he is modest, direct and enthusiastic in his mission. And this mission is a kind of assertive philanthropy, as well as his ongoing and aggressive advancements in strategically growing his empire. Much of his humanitarian efforts are linked to the realm of his faith. To the thematic explications that I continue to explore, it’s about the story. What is it, what does it say, what does it feel like?

Personally, I never met him, working there with that team at Leviev — but the unfolding of his dream, and the story of how he got there — even if he personally doesn’t hold much credence to the value of it as part of his essential marketing platform, is compelling — surely captivating to reporters — and part of the very quintessence of what makes him attractive. If there’s a dream, and you have it — follow that, against all odds. And you can find more on this story here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lev_Leviev