Looking for Magic
The quest for the magical — in craft, design, business strategies and brand.

In a manner, the work that we all do is a quest — the pursuit of a question to be answered, the pathway to a question
contained, opened and discovered.

What we all do, and what we craft as designers — is the search for the signature of the idea.
You sign. And that sign is you.

Signature is a sign — it’s a deeper code of curls, loops and signals that tell the story of you in the electrical twittering of fingers, to hand, to wrist, arm and shoulder, neck and eye and mind. But it tells the story of a journey – what does the signer of the signature tell as the story of their living?

You draw, and you are drawn in.
Draw your name,
that sign,
and there is more to be told.

Looking in closely to that patterning of curls, rhythm and waves, you move into the heart of the signer.

The sign is the signal, the signature is the sigil — and in each, they are a portal to transformation.

Moving, as the word implies, through the opening of an idea, from one tier of understanding to another movement of clarity. Magic is all about that — the translation of content from one movement, by some [and perhaps extraworldly] means, to another layering of awareness.

The mark, the story, the quest and the question, take the journeyer from one tier of comprehension [a holding of principle] to another.


You walk the journey of a question, a quest — that brings you to new seeing—
that would be:

And you see more, to know more — and the more your know, the more you shall be.
Looking for Magic
Magic is special — awe-striking: it’s a surprise, it’s compelling, magnetically attractive; and mostly: unforgettable. And, to the skeptics of my word use, the notion of magic is deeply intertwined with the history of ideas.
So too, the journey of
the book is intimately aligned in the history
of “the magic book,”
the grimoire.

Magic, to GIRVIN’s notations,
could be explored more, as a pathway for how humanity organized its sense of protection against the unknown.
Or, to knowing more of that unknown.
Everything is less frightening,
the more that you know about it.

More you know,
you know more.

Designed Magic.
The Crossroads.
The talisman.
The Loom, weaving, warp and weft.

The thread of a question,
like a magical quest, is like the movement of the weaver, to take one thread, from another, to another, overlaid, and intertwined, to show
the seer something

Looking for Magic

Mythic, surely.

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