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I spent the day with Balletmakers | Capezio the day before yesterday. It was Cristina and I. Some interviews, some research, some connections. More gathering. This will be going on for a couple of weeks, the two of us.

But there were intriguing other insights into the framing of this space — little things, old pointe shoes. Worn down antique tap badges.

And it was about dance — and everything that lives in this space.

And how these things are made. And how the art is brought together, for one, for a troupe.

Given that we’ve worked there in the past, I know this space, in a way.

There’s a process, that makes it all happen, step by step — are we are going through this as well.

But we are reaching deeper this time, and more pervasively, as well; it’s intracultural.


And what we do, for them and others, is essentially hand + mindmade, one thing at a time, so there’s a fit, there, too…

Beginning with little girls, mostly, it changes their lives…

And they grow up, but they never forget…

and the adventure of dance begins anew…

There you go.

Me too.
tsg | nyc

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