NOTES ON: Marc Jacobs


The key to influence is the street. Marc’s work is based on his ascent — and that’s telling. It tells the tales of his visioning, drawn from experience starting from the ground up. From his opening efforts at embroidering his own jeans, to flourishing at Parson’s design school, a stock roomer — to his early collections and opening designs for Charivari, the point has been about working the story from box boy to celebrated genius in his personal lines, as well as his stylistic leadership at Louis Vuitton. He grows, he goes. While he’s kept the lineage of design clean and modernist for LV, he’s been the one that’s introduced the concepts of divergence — the Sprouse graffiti bag or the Murakami collection of modernist, humored patterning; he’s got the eye that takes him from his clubbing daze at Area, to his street consciousness, his early and wide eyed exposures that lead him to the edge. People watch him, because of the depth of his story in design — and development; and that’s what it’s all about. His brand story is rich in that history — and his youthful promotional expansion on that experience — working the angles of visual storytelling that still captivates. His story is what really kicks that creative engine into gear. Continuously.

Tim Girvin

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