Good morning —

I’m not sure if you’ve been here, Material ConneXion, but given your interests — just in case — I’m passing this along. I’ve got a client that is being represented by this group, and wanted to know more — so I went there; it’s just blocks from Girvin | NYC.
(The MC address is: 127 25th | West side | 2nd floor).

It’s a database, live, that is showcasing new materials — each, jury judged by a team of architects and designers (once a month). There are subscriptions for individuals and organizations — ranging from $300 per year, up. If there’s a category of interest, then you can gather aid from the research team. Or you can go and research yourself, and collect samples. There are thousands. And they are categorized by materials type.

Matter is a monthly publication.
Lots of stuff I’ve never seen. Very cool things, materials,
colorations — ideas will surely flourish. I can build design ideas
merely around what I’ve seen in there.And I’m sure you can too.

Photography is strictly forbidden. But what’s holding me back
except the camera focus? Sorry, rather challenging to shoot in
there…the focus in some of these is poor.
Just visualize: