Sometimes, there’s one sticky adhesion, one magnetism that links people, brands, projects together. When I go into a new client’s office, the one elemental attribute of the interiors that I study are the books. What books are there? What’s this person reading? What’s the review that is part of the scope of their intelligence? There’s another side to that review, that balance. And that’s when a client comes to see you, and looks to see what books are you reading? What’s on your shelf that reflects your intelligence, what you are about, what are you exploring??

What am I exploring? The idea is curiosity. What drives curiosity? What draws someone in? What captivates? What compels? My work is all about that — that, the compelling drive to connect one idea to another, one visual to another, one person to one million. Or, that idea. And it’s always information, as well. The formation of content is information. It’s in + form. Form, content, message, story.

That’s it.

So my client, which was on the one hand, a friend that I’d worked with in the past (Kevin Brown). And two, a new person — Christian Chabot, the CEO of Tableau. Our job — what is the new story, what’s the positioning of this company and its software product that has so much to offer? How to help springboard them to the next catalyst of action??

What was that part of the winning review? Tufte on the shelf — all of them; all of his books. Edward Tufte is: http://www.edwardtufte.com/tufte/

And Tufte just happens to be a kind of god-figure for Tableau. And Tufte just happens to be a figure of inspiration for me, as well. A nice alignment. Great people, great company, great story, great new presence.?

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Begin forwarded message:

Subject: News Update from Tableau Software

Many exciting things occurred today here at Tableau Software…

We debuted Tableau Server a web-based sharing and collaboration product that extends data discovery, analysis and collaboration across organizations. Check out the press release at http://www.tableausoftware.com/press_release/tableau-software-extends-its-visual-analytics-solution-web.

Key feature highlights:

+ Desktop users can publish dashboards and workbooks securely in real-time with just a few clicks

+ Server users can search, filter, sort and view data with just a browser

+ Everyone can post comments, tag views and participate

We released v3.5 of Tableau Desktop. New features include improved visual styles and improved performance. For more details, see http://www.tableausoftware.com/files/v3.5_new.pdf.

We have made available a FREE application called Tableau Reader. We like to think of it as “Acrobat” for Data and its release is based in part on the influence of our newer Board Member, Adobe Chairman and Founder Chuck Geshke. Once installed, this application allows anyone to immediately start viewing and interacting with Tableau packaged workbooks. Check out our Visual Examples for download information and several packaged workbooks.

We revamped our brand identity, with a new logo and look-and-feel. This new identity better expresses Tableau’s attributes: authentic, easy-to-use, clean, smart, and personal. Response so far has been enthusiastic.

In keeping with the new brand, we upgraded our website. You’ll find deeper content and more surfacing of the content that users care about. This includes a new Learning Center and v1 Community Center.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Best regards,
Elissa Fink
VP, Marketing
Tableau Software


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