Happy Monday.

I’m sure you know all about Brian Eno. But I wonder if you’ve seen one of his installations? I think that I talked to you about sound in environment. How people can experience space in the context of sound.

Maybe I’d mentioned seeing one of his sound sculptures at Dentsu, Tokyo, their new buildings in Tskuji. I met him in the 90s, in Vancouver and we talked for a bit about that idea of sound, sense, patterning.

77 Million Panitings | Brian Eno

Sounds familiar?

I’d thought about the idea of creating something like that with words, strokes, colorations — an expansion on our last round, the CD / screensaver | Girvin 2000. Did you ever see that? Did I give you one of those? I’m thinking about rebuilding that.

Who could help me do that, I wonder, program this type of randomized assembly, sound, imagery, strokes, words, notes? But to do it on another newer level — with sound.

Or should I leave the ambient sound build to Brain?

I mean Brian.

Wishing well,

tsg | nyc