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Weblink to article Innovation and Sales – Never Say Never, Tim Girvin


Never say never.

Let’s look back. First of all, can’t quite remember a quote like that, but too, what’s the point of the method, to the medium? Is it that then, to McLuhan’s titled positioning — the medium is the message?

I don’t think so.

It’s the content itself that is more profound, at least to this person. How is that someone makes some marks on a piece of paper that ultimately transform to a positioning shot for the storyboard, for a movie? What about Steve Job’s ideation for a computer company, on a napkin?

I suppose that I see myself more like that, a director in a movie, than the camera man. The point is the vision, and the story.

Still, it’s amusing to consider this idea of saying something like that — never say never (a favorite song from the 80s | Romeo Void | nvr say never…) Quoth the Raven: evermore?

One of my first early and epiphanic reaches was to Steve Jobs. I met him at Stanford. Later, from Cupertino, he said “come down to meet me and my team and see…” this new thing that I’m working on — a “Mouse” Activated Computer. The mouse was housed in something like a little box, with a scrolling ball mechanism, assembled inside. Move the box, the cursor moves on the screen. Some of the people in that meeting, I’ve continued to know — nearly since that time, in the early 80s. Steve asked, “well, what do you think, can you draw with it?” Sort of…but like, why?

I worked with him, that team, on exploring design treatments for the Macintosh. Later, I connected with John Casado, the developer of the final packaging. And I worked with him.

Further on, I connected with Paul Brainerd in working with him on the concept of his innovation — Desk Top Publishing (DTP, from there on out…) We helped in launching the look and feel of Aldus.

Then back to Apple, for the WWDCs (Developers conferences) Performa, Apple Internet Live!

Microsoft Global Launch IE: 3.0. Did that. Power Personal for IBM, Power PC for Apple.

Then it was on to Next. Worked with Steve J. there.

Then back to Seattle, in further desktop design illusions with Jeremy Jaech and Ted Hunt, for the founding of the Visio brand. Drag, and drop draw…Now, potentially, Tableau — another software advancement on how to see and visualize things: information.

The apex of imagination is the content, not the medium. The idea is the catapult, whatever the tools. Even now, the concept works with a pencil. Or whatever.


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