Optimism is Optimal

The word, the work, that optimizes

Working in NYC, I was rifling through my wallet, heading downtown to the office, I pulled my subway card — which I’d noted in an earlier overview. Optimism, the MTA card There’s a word, that word — placed — says more than the word alone. It is the message.

I was working in a client questioning and listening session, in Seattle — the bridging between the power of the person, and the personal, the brand, the soul, the presence.

In looking into the soul of brands, there is love, warmth, passion, insight. Brands, their stories, are invariably about humans. Humans make them for other humans. If they love their work, then what they make — will be love[d]. People, love…love.

During this listening, an emergence: a brand character — optimism. What is that word? From the Latin — optimus — simply: “the best.” To the idea of the best — to doctrine, holding to the principle, “the best of all possible worlds,” in which the creator “accomplishes the most good at the cost of the least evil.”

Good will prevail.

If the core intention is to make, or to do, something good, then the ultimate turning will bring this power, this outcome, into play.

And, in a manner, the craft of making — brands or otherwise — will be about “construction” a constructive move to building. To pile, to build together, accumulate.

Make: create, to form, do, prepare, arrange, cause, behave, fare — and finally, transform. And this link, to work — which, to engagement in action, the making, ties to the ancient word for urge — the need to create.

Brand syncs: the fire maker.

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