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FIND OUT WHAT WE’RE CAPABLE OF Story Identity Print Environmental Website Social Marketing Materials Type Design Packaging Naming Messaging Strategy Illustration How we do it LET GIRVIN TELL YOUR STORY At GIRVIN, we believe that every brand has a story, a soul—and our...

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EXAMINING THE DEEP SPACE OFSOULFUL BRAND STRATEGY. W H A T  I F? You were to think: “really—there’s something deeper, more profound, more magnetically, more soulfully powerful about the enterprise that I’m working on.” There’s more. Really? Perhaps you...

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Blog: Brand Patterning

Creating organically realized places with conceptually founded pattern language I was walking a forest, looking at its pattern language — the light, the array of the trees, the patterning of Light on the forest floor, the tread of footprints in the shadowed light of...

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Blog: Human Brand

Human Brand Strategies | Exploring the Ignition Between Personal Brands, Soulfulness in Action and Enterprise: What Lies within? And What Lies beneath? Photo by Dawn Clark, AIA LEED AP Every Brand is Made for Humans. Every Human Could be a Brand. What’s the Story?...

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