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Some reference, to meaning:

1258, from Old French perle (13c.), Medieval Latin perla (1244), of unknown origin. Who knows the origin of the word, but there are theories, that reach back in tim to other languages…

Perhaps from V.L. *pernula, dim. of Latin perna in Sicily, “pearl,” earlier “sea-mussel,” lit. “ham,” so called for the shape of the mollusk shells. Another theory connects it with the root of pear, also somehow based on shape. The usual Latin word for “pearl” was margarita. Pearl Harbor translates Hawaiian Wai Momi, lit. “pearl waters,” so named for the pearl oysters found there.

mother of pearl
1510, translating Medieval Latin: mater perlarum, with the first element perhaps connected in popular imagination the mother of the sea and earth, the mud at the beginning of time, from which we came — “a thick substance concreting in liquors; the essentials newly made over time — concreted, as the refined quintessence” [Johnson].

The character of
the work, the
nature of the
design story
reaches to the
lustrous —
the layering of silvers
blacks, whites and
translucency that
is weaves binds, the
telling of the tale.