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For the last 15 years, or more, I’ve been watching the evolution of this artist, designer and sculptor, Anish Kapoor. He was, however, born one year after me, so he’s been around. You probably know about him. Maybe not. But working on the east coast, I had the chance to run down to Rock Center at night, to look at this latest installation. And, in a way, his work — it’s always about perfection: skewed. That is, something perfect that, in some aspect of its installation, skews the perspective. Could be a perfect piece of polished steel running into the floor. Wall. Something strangely luminous that somehow twists the circumspection in a marvelous way. I wanted to see it at night, which is another kind of skew, I suppose, given the so-called idea of it bringing the “sky into the city”. Here are some images. After that, to learn more, some sites that reference his work.

Cool, in multiple perspectives, would be a way of describing his work.

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tsg | on the road

Promenade to 5th Ave. | Rockefeller Plaza


View to Promenade, from Plaza (Skymirror with Rock Tower)

From 5th Avenue, to Promenade and Rock Tower.

Curved perspective, Rock Tower

To 5th Avenue, northern inclination

Two views, southeastern inclinations: to 5th Avenue (Saks)


Other evidences of Kapoor:


New York Sky Mirror:

Unilever installations | Turbine Hall / The Tate Modern:

Nice day, emerging. Will have to go and look at the light.