Posting posters

Billboarding, postering the story in the story in the story.

Posting posters
[Imagery from PSFK]

We’ve designed dozens of posters,
an earlier legacy of work.

But we love this Black Sabbath promotion,
pointed out by Daniela Walker and “DaBitch.”
As Daniela notes, “the advertisement, which appears to exist beneath reams of old advertisements that have been peeled away, is a clever promotion of their latest album 13, which recently entered at no. 1 on the Billboard’s Top 200 Charts. Although they may all be sexagenarians, the ad playfully shows they are aware of their longevity, but as other musical acts come and go, beneath it all, there will always be Sabbath.”

Who to thank?
McCann | Copenhagen

Working for galleries, we used to design posters for free. And exchange that designed craft for art. It might be said that, over time, a great deal of the art in Girvin’s archives [and on the walls] comes from trading design and art. I used to post those posters, as well. Sometimes even posting posters on top of old posters that we’d designed.
Rather than trying to take them down,
I simply posted over them.

I liked the layering of one idea, on another idea.
On another idea.

Posting posters

So seeing Black Sabbath’s poster conception reminded me of those old days.
[Image above:McCann Copenhagen]

Hanging out on the subways of NYC, I saw this same archaeology — one idea, on another. It reminded me of the notion of palimpsest — the reuse of vellum, one text on another, scraped away and rescripted — what was left behind, shows through.
We played on this telling — brand, design, layering: The Evergreen State College, Macklemore.

And like the character of our work, it is a layering of the access to ideas — there’s something on the surface, yet there’s something else just beneath; and below that, there’s something else. Just like the nature of an archaeological dig — there is one civilization, one time, and there are others, that drift up through the sediments of time, shown as a weaving of momentum.

Moment to moment.

Time goes on, weaving layers in the loom of experience, memory and how we tell them —
the stories of our lives.

TIM | Pike Place Studios

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