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Pay up.
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

What, pay?
Brand development and conjecture.
The strategy of idealism and the tactics of reality in brand building.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

In my history as a strategist and designer,
there have been dozens of times that I’ve been asked to build brands and invest in their outcome.
What I do know is:
that this proposition needs to operate from some deeper presumptions — that the holism of the offering is relevant — it makes sense for consumers; it fulfills a need state, a burning and committed desire. That it is resonant — it has a vibe that holds deeper than mere superficial asks – like: I want that.
It’s: I want that, and
I need that,
“I must have that very one.
Not that other one —

this one.”

Because, as we all know, what you get from this one, will be psychically better than that one, because you believe in it.
Be-lief is nothing more than an ancient word for “be-love” as in “beloved.”

And finally, that it is “carry-worthy,” in “relationships.” As I have often pointed out, the etymology of that happy word — “relationships,” is indeed, in deed, tied to “relate,” which in the original Latin context was “to carry, or to relate, as in the recounting or reporting of a story.” That is relatus. Note that the Latin translation, where relevance might be held — ancient ideas, modern interpretations and recollections — is that “relationship” is “ratio”— which in the ancient interpretation is “reckoning,” the framing of context in order.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

A brand has to work like that —
and if you’re going to invest in that proposition,
you’d better be certain that you are, have a contract or some tallied positioning, that allows your sentinel presence and watchfulness over the entire storytelling of the brand —
in the three R’s and to others —
in their framing in time.

So the thoughtful coolness of a strategic intelligence is nothing if the strategy stumbles, the design fractures, the thinking quakes and your earlier attempts at visioning come back down to internal squabbles, turf management and misaligned personalities and misfired action-planning. All of your coolness and theories will become smoke in the fire of time.

I see that.
And avoid it.

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