Rippling – the metaphor of touch.
One story, is another, and another. An other.
You tell me your story,
and I will hold it to heart, and carry that story
as it becomes my own — carried for you, by me.

Rippling - the metaphor of touch
Care, beauty, sharing and community.

What is the ripple?
It might be that the ripple comes from the word rip — in the sense of the watery shift in current, the rip, the tidal movement, the curl of the ripping wave, the rolls out, cracking a telling on another and distant shore — the sand like the millions, in stories spread in the vibrations of the telling.

The idea of story is newly engaged — these days, everyone talks about it. But key to any telling is who is listening? It is pointless for a story to be told to no one — “here is a story, but now — who can hear this story? Who will care to listen — to hold it, to care it away”

Rippling - the metaphor of touch

Importantly — the story, gathered round, is a circle.

Rippling - the metaphor of touch

Seth Godin offers, “Most amateurs and citizens believe that marketing is the outer circle.
Marketing = advertising, it seems. The job of marketing in this circle is to take what the factory/system/boss gives you and hype it, promote it and yell about it. This is what so many charities, politicians, insurance companies, financial advisors, computer makers and well, just about everyone does.

The next circle in has so much more leverage. This is the circle of telling a story that resonates with a tribe. This is the act of creating alignment, of understanding worldviews, of embracing and elevating the weird. Smart marketers in this circle acknowledge that their product or service isn’t for everyone, but bend over backwards to be sure that some people will be able to fall in love with it.”

In the end, falling in love is everything. None of it means anything without love.

Girvin strategies of memory +
enchantment = audience engagement