Shadow Brands | The Dark Side of Brand

Looking at the dark side of brand,
their strategies and their stories.

In the work of finding the heart
and soul space of a team of entrepreneurs,
their creation, a brand and
the story of their founding, their making, and the follow-on telling —
community and relationships —
sometimes a darker side is found.

You might find that in asking, or it might be hidden —
concealed and protected as a shadow attribute.

Could be a lie.

Could be a principle unpracticed but spouted as a core belief.

Could be a flat value — a unstable pillar, or a broken beam.

Could be a brand
that was once beautiful —
but spiritually
lessened, in the burden of time —
the passionate fire is extinguished,
remnant sparks are cast in the wind of change.

Gravity rules.
Droops are inevitable.

Go back.
Go in.
Go into the dark.
The archives of the now.

Shadow Brands | The Dark Side of Brand

this will be uncovered by a community.
The truth will tell.

In the creation of a beautiful brand, finding the truth of the story and the most compelling way for that story to be told as a reflective sharing with marketing teams and their rippling communities.

Some invent a postulate —
“we stand for this.”
And don’t.

Some buy brand [&] story —
then destroy it.

Some buy brands — and holistically change the game, the team, succumb to greed

[“we bought that brand, but it was an old model,
so we changed it.”]

And killed it.

The point might be that you need to be walking into the darker side, the shadow side,
to know the truth of what the proposition is now.

Where is the Light, from which
the Shadow
finds its alternate
gravity of luminosity?

Brands can’t sustainably survive on history alone —
that truthful telling needs to be modeled
as a persistent strategy — the story works because its still in play — it’s not an idea, a theory.

It’s a way of being.

Shadow Brands | The Dark Side of Brand

What we find, in getting out there,
is that the closer you are to the people,
the innerbrand ring
the better you can sense that building presence.

The vibe comes,
the ripple modulates from there.

Like humans — we each have our shadowed side — there is that, which points to the Light in us — and that which points to the dark. It’s in our nature to be both sides — in the truth of brands, those two sides will always be there, for once, the Light, in another time, the Dark.

The survival of the brand, its team, in our range of work, presumes a core belief that is held as a principle over time — it’s resilient, it’s evolutionary, it’s foundational — time will change everything, everything changes persistently.
We all know change is immanent, in a manner — it will be about how the foundation thrives —
in the Light.

What we’re all looking for.

Shadow Brands | The Dark Side of Brand

To each, a journey,
to each — to Light.

Darkness doesn’t prove to last forever.
Light emerges.

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