The issue of branding is more about gathering differentiation; it’s a way of telling a distinctive story that positions the company in a way that is discrete from the competitive fray. And it just might be that — a story. What do you really remember about a person? What story has been told. Lists of basic services are forgettable — and they convert your expression to mere commodity. If you treat them that way, your firm will be treated in a similar manner. What’s the best price for simply getting this grouping of tasks done, rather than how this might be a memorable and valuable encounter.

What is the background and experience of the company that depicts the team in a manner that suggests that working with this group will do something, tell something unique, to the group’s capacity and lend differentiation in representation.

It’s less about commoditizing the character of the firm, and more about ascribing memorable attributes — naming services in a new manner, identifying the visual personality in a new way, creating a cultural impression that boosts the value of the experience in working with your company — that’s more than the same old.

People remember your story if you tell your historical reference in a manner that aligns them with your propositions and what their needs are. It could be how you’ve helped others — and created a rendering of that experience in a way that will help your prospective relationships in a manner that they relate to.

It’s really important, in any branding enterprise, to:

Be authentic — speak the truth.
Create realistic personality and culture.
Offer more value for the relationship — it’s not just the basic offering, but something deeper and more connecting to linking the relationship.
Create an aligned visual presence that closely defines who you are, what you stand for, and what these elements will conjoin in how you communicate.

Tim Girvin
New York City + Seattle | Tokyo
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