Stand in, stand back.
Studying the journey of brand, and those that gather around them.

How close in
are you?

You say you know, but is that just you?
Or others?

I was working with a team in Texas, and we were talking about modeling brand relationships — how does a brand team synchronize with a community, understand them, and what drives them to support, hold and embrace a brand and the layering of experiences it might offer?

When a brand has a stance, then others will inherently gather round, in the evidence that they hold the brand,
they stand in.
Standing in, they share.


In our work, we look for groupings of “brand commitments” — those that are committed to the brand, what it stands for — they stand in.

In seeking out and gathering these groups, we look for the possibility of their personal insights.
What can they share?
Could they help build a renewed positioning insight for the brand enterprise and the products that it offers?
We go into their houses, we talk to their families, we dig in, excavate the archaeology of their relationships and bring selected committees together, gathered to offer their insights and visual and textual framings of context in their personal commitment to that relationship.

When a person holds something [in this instance, about a brand,] it’s their story — the brand becomes their personal property, it’s their story, carried as a story in a story, that holds them takes them deeper into the soul of the brand and their holding of that relationship. Memory holds that telling true — because it’s theirs. And theirs to share, to have and hold, and to tell. That modeling
leads to a new circling, a new layering of a sheathing translucency to the shine of the brand. That epiphanic leap is that sensation of discovery —
“this is for me,
it’s just what I need.”

Name, visuals, relevance and utility, resonance and vibe — they synchronize, and alignments occur.

Stand back,
stand in,
stand clear.


Stand for something.


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