The string of imagination — never underestimate the connectivity of the right telling

The concept of the story relates to the string; and that string can be a brand sequence just as well. The point is that the imagining of the telling really doesn’t need to be conventional — so the thread of telling is just as much about the humanity of the circumstance as it is about the genetics of the brand.

Think of the most imaginative opening, the start of the “plot”, the initiation of the protagonist, the beginnings of the threading of the legend. Personalities will percolate, sub-plots will emerge, by-storylines will filtrate, there will be rising innuendo and accomplishments shared, challenges vanquished, new lessons expanded upon — and births, of new potentials.

What is a brand, that has this kind of story? Nearly every one — but the point is, what is the right one to be told, shared, managed and sent into the stream? What’s the spin of the telling that will spiral in the mind, and the community, of the audience that is known, and the relationships that shall emerge?

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