The last day was that last tango with the minds of the wildly ranging talent that is TED. More adventures, more risk, more exposures. And it’s all about that risk. Exploding the trust of what you are, what you can be. That might be a thread — breaking the edge of where you can go — by going. To get there, to the dream, you’ve got to go.

Here are some gatherings to this stringed line of consciousness.

What about it.

Isabel Allende.

What about passion? What about power, what about women — the force that lies there. And what of each of us is about the feminine, about the motherside, the otherside (for me, not for all.) And isn’t that part of it — we are both masculine and feminine; and to the creative space in which we live? I’d say so. Surely it’s there for me, that the creative force, the risk, the exposing is about getting to the balance of the sides. But Isabel went there — her talk; it’s about finding beauty in the heart fullness of a conjoined humanity, part to being twins, being one. It’s not about the one alone, the two together. Good lessons, from this passionate and amazing person. And I wrote her this:

There was
all ways the myth
of the beginning

in her, that was
un-named and known
as force of making, Matrix

and in that mystery,
found, burdened, measured
then lost in the fool

that was man. The
scent of the beginning
drifted away, yet remains

[ p e r f u m e ]

in the sentience of those
that sight, tongue, grasp,
hear(d), fragran(ced) that

beginning when she
was known the heroine,
maker of one

thousand(s) names.
She calls back, in you.
You vocalize that

long heard call, the myth
maker and spellbinder
of arachnid telling

[web woven to the center]

drawing me and others
near, as I go in
there, to the cavern

of your making. Back to her,
back to you, back to
the heart that

I’d forgotten, now that
is found.
Anew, song sung.

In celebration of the telling,
the retelling, the recalling
the re-minding: Isabel Allende

TED | 2007


What next?

They Might Be Giants

What’s with that?


An interesting group of three. In a way, they reminded me of the innovations of Captain Beefheart — part poetic, part dance troupe, part Zappa. Part — whatever. I liked them for whatever they might be — Giants, even.

And to Richard Branson?img_5165.jpgI thought about a pitch to him that my name is Virgin | Girvin. And that heck, we should do something together, to that variably spelled synchrony. But, alas, I couldn’t get to him, before he was whisked away. But his interview with Chris Anderson,


the penultimate TEDster was about investigating that, risk, dream, adventure, foolhardiness and seeking — exposure.

And it comes to that — in seeking the exposure, you expose your Self. To do anything, there’s fear — how far do you go?

Be dangerous, it’s cool.


Bill Stone. Mine the moon? Create a robotic drilling device for Saturn’s moons? Spelunk farther into the earth than anyone? Cool.

And, as creatives, our minds are already synaesthetic. Mind spooler, explorer, cartographer: Vilayanur Ramachandran.


What is the potency in closing?

There’s just that sense of discovering — this child at the tornado simulator at SFO.


What’s he reaching for? As a virgin, he’s reaching for nothing but whirling smoke, but that’s what it’s all about.


Even for smoke…

All beauty, found.

TSG | TED | 2007