The Branded Quest for You
The Individuation of You-ness, Brand Assets,
Persona and Personality.

When one contemplates the journey of a brand, a team and the enterprises of their making, a sense of the you emerges.
Quest – that journey, is a question, that lays the foundation for everything.
The Branded Quest for You
You are:
You look like:
You feel like:
You smell like:
You sound like:


The Branded Quest for You

I was “thinking
about that person,
and what they represent —
and you came to mind.”

You and You-ness.
I was thinking about you and all the
things about what makes you, you.
Sight, presence, stance, scent, voice, message, touch and content.

Is VirginAir hardware?
Is Nordstrom a pile of shoes?
Starbucks — just coffee grounds, paper cups [white] with hot water?

You go into this brand
there is a story being done,
and you’re part of its telling.

Perhaps that relates to
friends and intimates.

You hang out with
your people
you look better,
feel better,
do more,
get more done, have more fun?


In any brand study, the alignment between person and place, brand experience and storytelling — the ROI will be outcomes, actionables, deliverables, income — in the sense of the actual doing of the work, the being of the practice, the layering of the storytelling of that enterprise, it all comes back to the actuality of the
making and the doing of it.
Done – what came of it?

In story-doing, a brand actualizes, it’s not a theoretical positing, it’s doing what it says. That might be seen as a kind of breakaway from people, since we all know that many people talk a lot, and rarely do what they talk about, or they profess a certain expertise, but the proving ground of that legacy
is smoke, evanescence
and vanishment.

Big story. No doing.

So in looking at brands, and the geometric swing of a 360º analysis, you’re looking for the glue between the messaging and visualization and the reality of the doing. Everyone’s doing it —

“What’s your story?

How are you telling it?

What’s it sound like?

“What’s it
look like?”

And most importantly:

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and they go on and on and on.
And you’re, like, “whoa, what am I doing, listening to this

In other words, you don’t care, the hierarchy of your needs doesn’t align with the architecture of their offer. Or — for that matter — their ability to tell a compelling story.

You-ness, the spirit of the brand in the construct of persona is “who it is, what it is, aspects of expression, tone and manner — a holistic quality of posture, stride and grace that bespeaks everything in its flow through its adventuring and its appearance in making a place for you, experiencer, to journey into.

The bridge is in the nature of the offer, who offers what and how that offering is made, on what premise is the platform of that statement and how that inquiry is extended to the right listener. Like any good storytelling, the key lies in the intimacy of relevance — which, in its history as a word comes to notions of “relief and lessening” — it’s easier.
I’m listening because I can “relate.”
I can relate, and I will relate [to others].

Having fun yet?

Tim | Osean Studios

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enchantment = audience engagement