The conceptual gesture, to supporting Shawn McNally’s spiritual exploration, is drawing back to manuscripts hundreds of years old to find the archetypal spiritual exploration that captures the needs and quests of the seeker. It’s all about the voice, the sacred voice, the calling. Finding the illustrations and woodcuts in rare books from the Mediaeval age – even hearkening to earlier manuscripts and inspirations – creates this kind of lineage, a real snapping line through history, to the potency of the evocation of the call, the wandering, the search. Everything else supports that, the hand drawings, the calligraphy, the special icons we created, even the symbolism that is inherent in everything that Shawn has in his presentation – the trinity of the silver seeds, for example – it’s all about listening to the voice. And acting on it. The beauty of this offering is that the inspirations – and the aspirations – are powerful and rich – moreso, authentic and true to the mystery, extending back hundreds, if not thousands, of years.