There’s an interesting positioning here — to the concept of the elevator pitch.

And while I don’t have a elevator pitch, or a request for money, I do have a modeling that relates to your premise. So, a framing.

Brands are about people. And we know people in stories that they tell. That is, the more stories that you have, wrapped around a person, the more insight to the experience of that person there might be. I know you as a person professionally. Your vitae, as it were. But what about you as a person. And what you know about a person will tell you a lot about how they will run a brand. Run it big, run it down.

But the point that I’m thinking about is the notion of the story in the context of the brand.

And how that relates to the elevator pitch.

The business of elevator pitches, how businesses define themselves in the instance of telling their story — that’s where I live, that’s where I work. Girvin, the firm, as a strategic brand development and visualization firm, here, NYC, Tokyo, Paris — has worked with countless startups, helping them form a kind of personality that emanates from the leadership team, cued to business strategy, visualized in expressed holistic identity outcomes. It’s about that: identity

Is Google just about googling? What about who started it?
Is Microsoft about…Bill and Paul?
Is Apple about Steve?

And, ultimately, whether it might succeed or fail. Of course, I’m not pitching my story. Or looking for money.

I’m offering an insight that might be a salient value to what you are exploring in your programming.

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