The Marks of Many | The Layering of Message

The Tiers of Brand Experience

[Image above by Dawn A. Clark]

In writing messages,
related to brand and brand storytelling,
like any legend-telling,
the process of experience will be
more than one strike and stroke
on the tablet of messaging.

The Marks of Many | The Layering of Message

It will be layers.

There will be the first tier, one of an opening core positioning — which might be created internally, inside the brand — or built on the cloud mind of the community, the message of the crowd; and the messages that are closest to
the heart, the heat, of that telling.
This might be a written line affiliated with the identity, a signature line, that then will set the stage for other tiers of communications. Here too, might be the core visualization. The one, most powerful image associated with the brand.

There is the second tiering, that which supports and articulates the spirit of the brand and the breath of its opening messages. This might be a short paragraph. Then, third layering — deeper, into the layering of
messaging that forms a kind of
which is an ancient word for
the character of a manuscript that
has been written on, again and again,
scrubbed, polished and rewritten again.

The Marks of Many | The Layering of Message

In a manner, the point is that
brands, stories, and their telling is
a process of layering and exchange.

Stories build on stories, tiers belie tiers, depth suggests more depth.
There is what is scene,
quickly on the surface,
and there is that perceiving,
like the fluency of water,
that flows beneath, through,
around, and

Girvin palimpsest design
in a messaging string for
The Evergreen State College:

The Marks of Many | The Layering of Message

There is that on the surface — “the evergreen mind,” a core positioning:
“all new, all change, all ways.”
And there are tiers beneath, printed on translucent stock and
given to key College founders and core legacy professors.

A brand is layered with the content of community,
each sharing in the holding of their stories in their
relationship to that brand, which then becomes touch points of

Tim | Girvin Decatur Island Studios
Girvin Cloudmind | http://bit.ly/eToSYp