The Perfume of Books

Studying the Holism of Textual Contemplation [Reading].

In a manner, everything we do as designers comes back to an attribute of reading — that is: how we hold something, how we touch, taste, smell, hear, seek balance and intuit content are all manners of reading
context & experience.

How do we read in to things?
How do we design in a way for others to newly read into their experiences that we have created?

When we design the layering of brand, the holism of that experience will be read.
The Perfume of Books
Raw sensitivity is less simply “sensing” or experiencing that impact alone, that evaluating and organizing that textural interweaving as a set of impressions of reading and categorizing impressive content. To read fills that measure — you’re reading into something.

I was talking to a group of friends and clients about the impact of reading — holding a book, as opposed to simply looking at a screen for content. What came forth, from this crew, was a intimation that content, and contentment, in the reading of things was about the holism of it. That was:
Sight — the impression of text on a page, an illustration or photograph;
scent — the smell of a book, where it had been;
touch — the crispness or softened feel of the stock, the texture of it.
And sound — how the pages turn in the hand and move from one grasp in reading gesture over to another — and the perfume of that sensational move that turns out notes of ink, old paper or new stock — the heft of the cover binding, the snap of the spine on the reading surface. And then — what lies in there — what story, what observation, what poetry, the textual transport of the reader.

In our earlier meditations on the transformative magic of design, what draws me in to that contemplation is how the journeyer of experience is transformed — they move from one tier of comprehension to another in their voyage into that design, brand, storytelling, retail telling. They either hold that string of moments, or they forget it.
And therein, the nature of our work — where are you going, what story have you heard, how would you tell it, and what would be unforgettable in the grasp of the details of this telling?

What holds you, in the ineffable perfume of this journey, whether it is a book, a restaurant, an entertainment, a learning in the lean-in to listening?

What holds you?
What will you remember,
and what will you forget,
in the journey of the experienced,
and the experiencer?

Tim Girvin | GIRVIN STUDIOS | Coeur D’Alene, Idaho