Go You To The Shadow World?
The Shadow World
It’s never about what you see in clarity alone,
but what lies behind the Light.

Certainty is never assured in anything.

As a designer, when I’m working on a project, or a photo shoot, a story, a piece of writing, I watch for the Light, yet I know, behind the Light there is a shadow.

Behind everything, there is a shadow, a reflection, a movement that is past the Light, it’s the substrate, it’s the mystery, it’s the hidden marvel.

The Shadow World

In studying the design of anything, it’s never about the obvious, it’s about what lies behind, just past and inside the Light.

Design is clearly emotional, sure — there is thinking. But in the end, to evaluate any degree of design, in strategy, emotional response holds sway. Objectivism is one index of formal study — but the power of beauty, in spectacle, doesn’t hold up well in the construct of objective analyses, it’s more about “how does it feel?”

Feeling is at the heart of emotional intelligence. Thinking through emotional intelligence isn’t only about how we treat people, but how we think through the journey of thoughtful engagement and appreciative framing of understanding. Understanding, as a word is more about inner standing — how closely we stand in; in our link to our community, the relating and the carrying through of ideas and notations of living, our relationships will be about that — how well do we carry through, follow through, share our knowing with others. Understanding.

That means, in the context of designing well, inter-stand, inner-stand, our emotional sphere should be open wide to listening, acknowledging well and seeing not only that which is on the surface but that which lies with-in, beneath, behind, below and beyond.

In decades of design work – coming now well close to four of them — I’ve seen a lot.

I’ve seen science, I’ve seen art, I’ve seen stories, I’ve seen thoughtless promotions and mindless, soul-less enterprise; and I’ve stood close to beauty, holistic artfulness, robustly integrated and wondrous ideas about how to do the busy-ness of business. Seeing that, sensing cultures one learns how to see in deeper.

There you can find the truth.
What’s right? And what can be righted, and what writ can come of it.

To that exploration, you — anyone — must know the shadow world and the light world that creates it. To any social media strategy, the character will be what is true, and the light at the center of that story, and what shadow lingers behind the metaphor of objects, archetypes that emerge in the review and study of these realms.

Grow up, go in, deep.