The Signature of a Man

Designing the Hand-made Letter Craft of a Human Brand

What the person is,
show shall his signature tell his story.

The signature is a graphical amalgam of emotion, traits and experiences that craft the character of the hand, the gesticulation of time, the musculature of memory, the repetition of ideas and inspirations — electrically impulsed in the perception of the moment. The moment of drawing the line.
Signing the jot, crossing the X, dotting the T — how, why, where, and what?
These questions all come forward.

We’ve written a lot about the concept of the signature — the signing, the signal, the sigil, the emotionality of design in the signing.
When you sign something, the character of you will be evidenced.
The chromosomal character of the make-up of the holism of
who you are
comes through.

Being a designer, and a listener,
to those building brands around themselves in
the spherical holism of the human brand,
we think about the illustration and
the composited precision of
the signature in the person,
and design to that.

For example, the master wine maker, since deceased, David Lake,
we looked at his character, and the nature of the larger Columbia Vineyards brand,
and built a composition of a signing, color, decorative patterning, gradation, as the in-lined typographic applications, all — given the date of the vintage —
built by hand.

With mind and meditation,
drawn by hand.
Leaning in, listing and listening
you go in, you go deep.

And in the signing, the signal
calls out its rhythm.
Messages intermingle and
weave in the layering
of the loom of story.



Girvin Strategic Luxury: http://bit.ly/NwMv46
Girvin Brand Luxe Thinking: http://bit.ly/gTW5HZ