For about 15 years, I’ve been using the journal as a kind of narrative to my life. More like a scrapbook, it’s a gathering of ideas and experiences that relate to what I’ve seen, reacted to, contemplating, in the spirit of my creative examinations. The journal is the journey. Literally. And what that means for me is about returning to the story of my life — gathering it, exploring it, listening to it. And learning from it.

During the last several years, what I’m exploring is the idea of using the journal as another kind of creative journey. And the journey, in developing identity for theatrical advertising is a perfect venue for exploring this idea. Because the movie is a story — so telling stories in the context of the journal is a salient bridge to exploring, broadly, gesturally, the concept of visualizing this element of visualization. We all know that the logo for a film might be, in some stretch of the audience, a key visual link. So, in meeting with the team at Paramount, as well as Nickelodeon and Kathleen Kennedy. Here’s the work, in exploration.

Show, after meeting with the teams — visuals, follow:





In Theaters and in IMAX® February 14

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