The Symbolism of The Chain

The Nature of Interlinking, Knotmaking, Braiding and the Entwinement of Storytelling.

As a journeyer in brand, and the fire making of its fluency in community, I find myself in the study of the under-layments of how it works. As noted long back, it’s a storytelling string, and as many know — story and history are an intertwinement between the layering of memory and the journey of re-collection. When one thinks about their life, they go back and collect paths they have wandered, what rooms in their palace of memory have been opened, examined and explored, what has been stored — and, in reopening those rooms, what could be newly reviewed and explored.

Like the chain journal, a journey, the door opens anew.

In a manner, the very nature of writing in a journal becomes a kind of chain — since the intertwinements of a chain are transpositions of one idea, threaded to another, and another —
and they find their way,
as a sinuous layering,
knots and weaving,
from one opening point of discovering,
to another layer
and threading found.

The Chain Journal | Integrations
Recently I tried climbing a rope — bare-footed, I could only go as high as my arms allowed. The old rope, un-roughened, didn’t allow for the grasping purchase of foot-strong gripping. So I used my arms. And what I thought about it was “this, a difficult chain, from one point to another— at once, bound on earth, and in another, a reach to elevation.

The Symbolism of The Chain

The red threading is allegorical unto itself,
it’s a drawing — a stroke as one bridge to metaphor — and I’ve written about that earlier, but in college I studied the notion of catena aureathe “golden chain.”
In this document, authored by St. Thomas Aquinas, translated the chain is a calling from one level —
the mortal souls on earth,
and heaven-bound
in another journeying.

What does that mean to the layering of branding, personal journeys and storytelling? There is a chain that features the concretion of time in an earthly journey that then finds new relevance in an upward bound ascension. Like the principles of magic and its alchemical and transformational journey-making — the traveler moves along the chain to new perceptions and layerings of content — and that content finds a new shape.
Brands and design systems are transformational, and one might suggest that design — a signing — carries a viewer and listener from one point of learning to a new tier of insight.

Some thing sells, some story holds, an experiencer holds it and in that relating, carries that story —
as in “to relate” onwards to other relationships.

Our work becomes inherently that — the trans-positioning of perception [holding through] — from one tier of understanding [the stance between ideas] and the journeying forward.

That’s the work — perceptive evolution, then enchantment, embracement
and hopefully: