The Threading of Ideas

The Metaphor of the String

I was thinking about the symbolism of weaving,
having met with some weavers.

The Threading of Ideas
Ephesus | Weavers Collective

I watched them set the foundational warp, and then shuttling, back and forth, the patterning of the weft. It’s delicate work.
And like threading, I can relate that to messaging, the string from the central message, that in tiers, layered and tapestry like. A weaver is a technician, there is precision in the craft — it is a tight art, the threads packed in layer on layer on layer: a tapestry.

Thinking about that allegory, the metaphor of the woven word, it all starts with the string — what is strung, first, in setting the measure of the rhythm? Language, meaning and message interlace and layering in context. They form a pattern, like weaving.
Text, itself, forms the ground to
the patterning, and to weaving.

The Threading of Ideas

Think about this idea — sound, voice, letter and thought — they intertwine; and from each person [or a brand] there is a signature. That is the resonance of the opening thread — a vibe, a note. What is written at the head should be written at the foot.

The thread will tighten in the patterning of the woven binding — or loosen, unravel, unwound.
And unbound.

As you tie them together, the threads — will they form a strong knot, a nexus of connection,
or a bundle of jumbled strays?

TIM | San Francisco GIRVIN

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