Could the connectedness of one person to another, the perception of placement be — vibration?

The Vibe of Place, the Context of Story, the Meaning of Connection

What is the vibe of this place?

What is the vibe of you?

What is the vibe of brand?

It’s possible that everything circulates, pulses, surges on the nature of vibe — the frequency and rhythm of connection; the vibration works at the center of holism and sensuality.

Vibe = place

You go somewhere, and it feels right — the sensations are good — everything, to the touching of experience, throbs with “rightness.”

Vibe = person

You meet someone — and instantly, there is comfort, recognition, right warmth, balance; intuition is synced and singing the same tuning.

Vibe = rightfulness

You begin a project, a process, and it all seems to be linking up in your mind, evidence is revealed, content springs forth — and it’s just right.


Finding vibe is about finding the right way to tell a story in a manner that a guest, audience, recipient, visitor, experiencer syncs with the moment.

That could be shelf touchthere are a grouping of colors, materials, illumination, messages that align proximity and relevance.

That could be place madescent, sound, light, touch, taste, balance and intuition; the instinct of rightness in experience.

That could be tastethere is the umami moment, when the fruit is perfected, the cooked preparation is at the moment of precise revelation; and the seasonings are dusted to the right cast.

That could be touchholding this product, it’s right in the hand, the texture is relevance, the contact is utile, the colorations are rightful: the vibing is pulsed in synchrony.

The point to vibe is to know that connection, to brand, story, movement and moment will be founded on frequency; sensations will be warming, messaging will sound relevant — the bigger story will reach right to the heart.

Like any integration — the implementations — relate to the “carrying through” of the whole story, each detail has to work. In vibe — the reactive nature is entirely emotional; we might suggest that regardless of the intellectual reasoning for “what’s right” — “what feels right” will inherently be about frequency of impression. Looking in, there are sensations that bridge back to the utility of the word – not now, but two millennia back. One foundation leads to another. L. vibratus, pp. of vibrare “move quickly to and fro, shake,” from PIE *w(e)ib– “move quickly to and fro.”

Music — if you listen to vibrato — it is a pulsing, a surging, a note that is held in a position, then that note flows in a throbbing beat, the sound stretching.

Vibe — like that, music: pulse, shake, move. And emotion — which is all about motion, the movement of feelings.




vibe, v. Pronunciation: Brit. /vʌɪb/, U.S. /vaɪb/

Inflections: Present tense and present participle vibeing, vibing.

Etymology: < vibe n. (see sense 2 at that entry).

slang (orig. U.S.).

1. intr. Of a place: to be lively, busy, or exciting.
1968 Los Angeles Times 24 Mar. (West Mag. section) 27/1 It’s Saturday 10:30 showtime and the Troubadour is vibing with that excited crowdedness so dear to the hearts of nightclub owners.

2. trans. To transmit or express (a feeling, attitude, etc.) to others in the form of intuitive signals or ‘vibes’. Also: to perceive on the basis of such signals.
1971 Frendz 21 May 16/1 All the heads in town came out and vibed their existence to the Sunday.

3. trans. a. To excite, motivate; to send a positive feeling or ‘vibe’ to. Usu. with up.
1977 Sounds 28 May 30/1 They always look like they’re having a party going on in the corner of the stage, looking at each other, whispering between numbers and laughing, generally vibing each other up.

4. intr. To be inspired by or get a positive feeling from a piece of music or (fellow) performer; to improvise or perform on the basis of this. Usu. with off, on.
1985 Venue 26 Apr. 17/1 They’re keeping reggae music in this little bag whereas when one (record) comes out you get twenty cuts off the same thing. They’re still vibing on music of about two years ago.

5. intr. To interact (well), get along, ‘click’. Usu. with with.
1986 Star & Style(Bombay) 19 Dec. 59/2 We ourselves haven’t a clue as to why we vibe so well with each other.

What’s the lesson? In thinking about any postulate of brand in connection with community — people — it’s all about vibe, the instinct of the moment, the collective intuition that holistically will sense the experience.


The vibe of the whole touch.