This Is For You  The Power of Person to Person

The Power of Person to Person

I was working in San Francisco,
walking the streets of
the nature of the work
that we all do.

This Is For You  The Power of Person to Person

It’s a gate, to a bridge,
a point of transition — from one step to another.
And the portal to a person.

Our art, as marketers, designers, writers, craftspeople, physicians and coaches is the insightful reach from one person to another.
It’s that beginning point, that bridge.
One to one is the beginning of community,
as we commune with one an other.

In that way, that art, the journey that we make — we start with that poetic reach — the idea, the sketched strategy, the massing of a building’s form — the story told,
the compelling visual.

That’s the start.

And that idea, the simplicity of it, will be the holding moment
for a nexus of interplay,
or a releasing incomprehension —
“I don’t get that.”
To relate, or not relate,
lies in the simple notation of
what you hold, and what you carry away from an experience.
And — in that message for you — what you share with others.
“I liked that. You might too.”
Memory holds. Or the experience, the gesture designed, isn’t recalled.
It’s forgettable.

You know that people are looking for things.
Personal things. Special things.

And we know that brands are offering a layering to the potentiality of experience; and in that journey, people are intimately involved — one, one hundred, one thousand, one million. Billion.

And it starts
with the one.
To the other.
To the many.

We know that the personal — “it’s a message for you” —
crafted by care, mind, hand and — perhaps, love — as in retail, as in food and beverage service in a restaurant, special products — perfume, beauty care, wines and spirits, clothing —

Tim | San Francisco GIRVIN

The Strategy of Holism | Emotionality
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