The point, to the discussion, our talk, our sharing — is really simple. Is luxury, really, luxury? Or merely smoke? Where’s the legacy, the story, the craft, the making, the beauty, the powered intensity of focus??

Or are we merely selling the skins of the idea? Where is the heart that was there? Is the premise and the promise perhaps now is focused on another positioning? Cash turning, profit running, and the soul of luxury: evaporating. What is, what was, the heart of luxury? And what turning might there be, in the future…?

I have a thought on that, perhaps. And that’s the path that Marty Wikstrom and Dawn Mello are taking in their funded investment group from Richemont. Find older, authentic brands, infuse new capital in them, let them thrive anew in a flourishing of their story…

And Claudia, is, of course, a very lovely person. And a dear friend. What she sees, she knows.?

Escaping The Luxury Brand Tsunami
Huffington Post – New York,NY,USA

I remember a lunch conversation with my dear friend Tim Girvin who is very close to the subject. Our discussion was around the art of the brand. …
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Hello my article is up, your name is in it. They removed the name of your company in their edit of the piece, but take a look under the Living Now section.

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