I’ve been tracking Tom Ford’s work closely, from before our YSL days. I loved that work, working with you…and it was great learning more about the man, the history ( all of them ) and the characters that emerged in the brand. Not sure where that’s gone, but…YSL continues to roll. I just met Robert Polet in Palm Beach speaking of which…

Anyway, my interest in Tom, his work, extended.

Finally I had chance to actually meet him — or that was my shot, my hope. And people had told me horror stories. “Yes, we clear out the entire store when Tom comes in,” and all that. And I did meet him in Miami at the WWD | CEO Beauty Summit. (And that’s where I met Frédéric, as well…)

Tom Ford — he was like — so handsome. Fit, supremely pleasant, articulate, classically dressed. Nice guy.

So, I kept watching things emerge, and I wrote him a note, by hand, thanking him. I never heard back, but in a way, I figured that I never would. Who knows what will come, right? Or not?

I kept watching, studying his releases, directions, ideas. And I was paying attention to Sofield, too. Then there was the store — and the story. 70th & Madison | NYC.

So I went there, checking it out. And of course, I was going there as a designer, and as a retail scout, and as a admirer of Tom Ford. Work, ideas, guts, strategy. Positioning. And who knows, maybe a suit? At 5k they’ve got be great!

But the problem was getting an appointment. And the environment, while elegantly disciplined, bespoke modernist, it was a little daunting to the timid that strayed outside. Of course, as well, I wasn’t really dressed “up”. But I asked to set a time. “Well, you have to call and set a time.” Who do I call?

Well, after a while, it was revealed that…”we don’t know. We can’t find the cards.” And I said, you’re kidding me — you don’t know who to make an appointment with?

Finally, one of the doorman types connected with another, then another — and they came back with this.


OMG — it’s you!

Okay, so…my dear friend…

Give me an appointment!

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.