Illustration by Adi Granov (1963)

Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark is the man in disambiguation — confused on one front, solid as iron, in another. His metal clad skin covers a soul that is torn and sheared in seething pain. Iron, clasps heart.

And exploring the signature of Tony Stark — at once, the raving alcoholic, another the self empowered business man, the founding driver of Stark Enterprises, the global fortune hunter — there’s the drive, there’s the madness. It’s all about that — man made powerful, man made weak. There’s more to be discovered and explored. And that we did in this grouping of opening studies — finding and exploring the heart of the disembodied man, Tony Stark.

These explorations are a kind of reach to the core, and the heat, of his fevered mind — compelled to redemption and renewal. A man troubled by his inner demons, and a hero that takes the journey of that — the hero man of 1000 faces, the archetype of the wander from challenge to renewal, and back again, to travail. And adventure, advancing to the next horizon, mystery found.

Finding heart, casting soul, capturing the energy of that mythic archetype. That’s where we go, in the core of storytelling. Found anew and rekindled. Iron, newly cast, simmering in the mold.

The studies:




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