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“National Geographic on crack,” is how one describes the Vice Media Network.

Somebody sent me a note — daily update.
it came from Creativity | AdAge.

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Vice Media network + Magazine

Vice’s Mexican Mormon War Series Fuels 299% Viewer Surge Last Week

Vice co-founder Shane Smith travels south of the border to document the battle of Mexican Mormons–including Mitt Romney’s relatives–with violent drug cartels.


Whoa, a big boost on a subject that I never heard about, and probably know nothing about to even comment.

But, almost 300%, that’s a nice jump.
And why?
Mexico and Mormons — that’s hot [apparently.]

But style, truth, content and risk are part of the world of Vice — however that is played.

It’s like a tabloid that thinks, but lives in the realm of the X-files and SinCity, intermixed.

I applaud their audacity.

And hybrid mediation.

Vice Media network + MagazineThe current issue / The Photo issue | image: Bob Richardson

What I only learned in the past year, is the breadth of Vice Magazine holistic digital media presence, cross channel.

Wild, it is — the world of Viceland.

Vice is now even aligned
with Intel,
& CNN, for crissakes.

How’d that happen? Who would’ve thought that would be a good idea? I mean that Vice is a writhing and uncontrollable exploration — “the definitive guide to enlightening information” — why would Intel, let alone CNN, risk such an alignment?

When the magazine first came out, I can’t remember where I saw it — some place strange, a weird retail.

Now he’s [co-founder Shane Smith] moved to TV and film – and his subjects today are just as bizarre as the opening edition of the magazine. Still, a slightly disturbing beauty guides the aesthetic of their thinking – as in the current issue, Vice.

Madeleine Girvin, first-born Girvin daughter, as noted in the journal below, was the one that first pointed it out to me — “Here, Dad, you’d probably like this.”

GirvoBlogged, here.

Key for me, to the Vice team, is risk, imagination, pursuit of a strangely fascinating world of adventure, danger, risk — and with what would seem minimal rewards.

Which ponders the close —

you’ve gotta
you do.

That’s it,
without that,
what’s the point?

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