The question?

What mystery found, what box unopened — what, unanswerable issues — what comes forth, now found, newly discovered? What are you looking for, what is there to be ?

What is that?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot this weekend. What draws me? What holds my attention? What’s magnetic? Where’s the relationship? I’m thinking that I really like — more than anything — knowing stories about things that are perhaps not the story that everyone else knows. I like to know the story beneath the story. The story behind the story.

Tell me a story and I will want to know more about you. You’ll draw me in, it’s something to discuss, to be pulled in by — connected to. With you. And, most importantly to share. One to one million.

And what does this photo mean?


Why not think of the story — the concept of the relevance of it — being something reasoned to debate? You come to your own conclusion, what’s the point of it — do you care?

I do.

Tell me your story, in coming out…

moot MOOT adjective

1 a : open to question : debatable b : subjected to discussion
*2 : of implied limited practical significance : made abstract or purely academic

Reference sentence:

Since the story would seem to have been lost anyway, it’s a moot point whether the audience would have cared or not — since then, the author simply vanished.

See a map of “moot” in the Visual Thesaurus.

*Photo: JJAbrams, our client, director of Alias, LOST, M:i:III, Star Trek | the forthcoming prequel, speaking on the concept of the story as a layering of mysteries: “for me, the story has got be like this Tannen’s magic box of mystery that my grandfather gave me, there’s something there that I’ll never find, it will never be uncovered – it’s an icon about what the story can hold. I’ve never opened it, just for that reason. Mystery, layer on layer…Keep going and you still might never find the inside, that’s great story, great writing”.

I’m in NYC, in case you were wondering.

I’ve been wandering.

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