I’d met Trish May, the foundress of Athena, several years ago — perhaps closer to a half decade now, considering our history in partnering on her business launch. She was a Microsoft executive with some serious international business strategy and marketing exposure in her history. Frankly, I’m not sure how she found me, or what the line of connection was. But we met, connected, worked together. And I’m grateful for that. But the collaboration was to our exploration of the development of a new line of waters that, funded and fired by Trish’s striking intelligence and leadership acumen, would be an archetype to women’s causes in fighting cancer, seeking recovery and achieving, in the foundational signature of Athena’s positioning — victory. It’s all Trish, really. In a way, and in the way of many of our relationships in helping our clients define and articulate themselves in the markets that they chose to explore and enter, our work is really about listening. And it’s about the story — as I’ve extensively “told”, over time, on this blog. Brandstory = humanstory. So whether it’s the team development of Trish’s strategic positioning and visualizations of her product, Athena Water, or even more reflectively, more powerfully, the spirit of her community that emerges, evolves, grows, heals, it’s a layering of connective experiences that weave the fabric of humanity — it is about the human brand. And, as I’ve explored, the brand is always about the human, the person — the spirit of the founding vision, or soul of the leadership — and in this case, to Trish’s personal experiences, her explorations, the spiritual dimensions of her gifts — it’s all about her, it’s all about her gifting vision — the call of victory, the Athena charge, in giving back to that very reflective gesture. The story is the person, it’s about the truth and the finding of the authentic telling — it’s Trish, and it’s the community of those who have been exposed — personally, the seeker of recovery and renewed health, and the family and friends that surround them, encircling in the ring of the story of Athena. Love: that is.

Be curious.

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