Who Do You Love?
Love Brands: Relationships, Commitments and Storytelling.

I did this installation, out on a cliff, away from everything, looking out — the deep blue sea. And the sun.
And I was “looking through L O V E,”
thinking about that ancient question:
do you love?”

“And what
do you love?”

If I ponder the most astonishingly powerful experiences in my life,
mostly they come back to beauty and love.

Other designers talk — that I’ve recently heard —
of UX utility, navigational worthiness,
solution-binding, and app-worthiness.

All good, but what does it mean in the context of our journey?

Does it seem more beautiful?

What betterment
we make?

I think about the quest of beauty,
the relating to relevance, resonance,
and happiness.
Who Do You Love?
However, the work
does come back to

And mind, memory and moment
and perhaps,
that momentum
of the happy instant.
Who Do You Love?
What makes you happy?

When the strategy of brand modeling
comes around for study — how does
a brand work in relationship to its audience?

We’ve talked about that, along with
the captivations of enchantment,
engagement and embracement.

A brand that
then engages,
then embraces.

And, an added note —
always good to study —
in the ROI of the work –
who cares about it?


These people are committed to their brands.
But why do they love them?

They boost their status?
It’s been suggested that, for some,
brands are class-leaping tools
buy-in here, your status is elevated there.
That’s the key magnetism.

The brand and its making is a journey?
And in this, they emulate their personal journey,
they are crafted, cared-for makers?

They suggest a parallel of life statement.
They emulate a philosophy of
health and holism — a personal binding of belief.

They feel good.
And in the sensations of being, feeling good
is the tantamount measurement
of happiness and
whole worthiness?

And in the beginning,
and in the end,
the alignment of belief is love,
which is the inherently
the seed meaning of be-lief.


Tim | OseanStudios
Girvin Cloudmind | http://bit.ly/eToSYp