Whole Foods and Storytelling

I was in Whole Foods this morning and shot some images.

Whole Foods marketing is really about storytelling – a layering of images, texts and ideas (as ideals) that embrace customers into their world. And if you are not an organically focused customer, one time in the store just might make you one. There is a deeply evolved and carefully managed experience in the learnings attached to wholesome eating and the provenance of food that comes not only from privately labeled products, but as well outside – and carefully screened resources.

Everything, as noted below, is part of the holistic integration of experience and message, ranging from lively displays of flowers as a greeting, restaurants and Jamba Juice, carefully designed and environmentally integrated conceptions in patterning, colors, lively text, fun graphics and signing programs, as well as message and community related boards that speak to guests that are interested in caring for themselves, as well as their families.

wf5.jpg wf1.jpg