I’d been prepping myself to connect with Chris Anderson, since I’d worked remotely on the cover. Seattle | San Francisco | NYC. I keep jumping. The work’s there — I work anywhere that I need to. Find something, work on it. Go there.

Nice person, Chris Anderson is, actually, when it came down to the presentation. And, of course, the content was interesting. The connection, fascinating. The potentials, intriguing.

What? Where? Why?

People always say that I banter around the edge of things — that I don’t get to the point. This sentence being an example:

The aspect of free that’s compelling, layers — at least for me — to the idea of doing something that’s about making connections, building relationships where there isn’t necessarily a proposition of conventional commerce. That is — connect with someone in a way that greets them to having the potential of a relationship, charge them nothing, get connected – and ride the end of the handshake.

Interesting, that proposition. Simple. But Chris has a lot more going there, so that’s merely the beginning. And rather than attempt to duplicate that modeling, I’d suggest going here:


Being there, with Chris, of course I had to get him to autograph the cover. Nice.

You couldn’t have put it better.

What’s your take – on Free?

Tim Girvin | NYC