You Are Beautiful
The Search for Beauty — the Beauty of You, The Brand of You, and Others.

In the quest for the truth of brands, the soul and heart of their storytelling — invariably, appropriately, there are humans involved. People make brands — mostly for other people, so the notion of inherently building brands around the bigger ideas of human aspirations makes sense, though is widely decried– “brands don’t have souls, they’re not human, they don’t have a heart!”

The beauty of you, the brand of you.

You Are Beautiful
Girvin writing and case studies on soul & brand

Such persistent certainty is admirable. I love to study the contrarian rantings of the gesticulating expert, who is really only showing theory in the backgrounder case studies on their sites.

I’d ask for truth.
show me the truth of the work
that convinces you of such certain positioning.

Such certainty.

These days, who lives with anything in the way of certainty other than —
“nothing’s certain.”
The perpetual impermanence of “everything”
is such that nothing could be taken for granted, or —
to long range planning, any
presumptions of certainty
are a little questionable.

Things come, things go – it’s only in the warmth of their “holding” that the utility usurps the operational value.
They hold more, and are held, more.

But beauty, and the surprise of beauty can know certainty, permanence, perpetuity —
it can last:
in wonder,
in making,
in miracle,
in extending the rippling of
the beautiful person,
and brand.

Tim | Girvin island studios
| decatur, s.j.c
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