You Could Be More
In the Work of the Personal and the Intertwinement of Brand

There is knowing and
there is being.

What do you know?
And what do you — be?

In the work of branding, looking for soul and truth, sometimes I feel like a kind of vampire hunter, looking for the real, the known, the truthful. Not ghosts, or mists. But real.

What I know is that the truth will be told — just as my truth, my legacy, the wholeness of my history will come clear — it’s there, in the record, for anyone to find. And what that means to what I really do, the directness of the layering of my being.

What do I offer, how deep do I go — ?
Where is the proof of the proving ground of action laid, the story truly told. I say “this,” and preach that I “do this.” So what? Who cares?

That would be the seeding of everything that we, as designers and creators do —
we draw the Sigil of the circle of idea, sparked ignition of inspiration and cinch tight the threading that takes the dream from idea, to draft, to formed presence: papered, screened or built [or all of them, combined] — and a string of outcomes that take us some sense of community, people that will listen, watch, engage, embrace and buy,
to lead on, carry on, the story.
Such is their nature.
Stories are carried,
loved, or
You Could Be More
You love it, or not.
You will hold it.
You love me, or not.
You will hold
what I offer,
or forget it.

That’s the work — how true is our being, and the bearing of ideas that aren’t just an artifice of the gestured theory, but instead are applied magic.

Please: real pleas.

Dig in, go further,
be what you say,
and say what you be.
Surprise. And you
find something.

Business, the human side of you[r work,] or how you practice what you preach.

Your truth will tell.
But we’ve been saying that for a while.
True Brands.
True You.
Be true, be true,
show freely to your world.

The truth will out.

And so will you.
Be as you will —
brand, story, practice,
principle, prepare, preach.

Tim | GIRVIN | Decatur Island Studios