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The Insight of Experience

Understanding Experiencer Journey

Working with Nabisco I studied the sequencing of packaging arrangements on shelf, of baked goods. What we looked at what a kind of rolling circle around the aisle walker, looking at how a person traverses a place that represents a kind of wheeled circle of perception.

In the Japanese tradition of Bushido, there is a notion of space, a energetic circle around the warrior — in a manner, the center point, that samurai ring, is a place of absolute focus — nothing crosses that line without him being aware of it; it’s an energetic zone. But in a manner, that idea of the ring, and the movement rolling forward, will suggest a journeying of perception.
Walking into a store, what story is told?
Walking in a supermarket, how are you, the visitor, expected to find your way through the store, and the story of the process?
It could be simple and powerful, and explosion of color and directed message, or a mess of messages and a spectacle of obscuration and complexity.
The Insight of Experience
The crucial character is thinking of any aspect of journey as a deliberate set in art direction — production design — and the theatricality of how that story — whatever it might be, shall be told.

As you walk along, there’s a story — how do you personally organize and decipher that telling?
Or write it, and design to it.

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